Artisan Bread & Pastries

Established in Marietta, OH in 2011, The Bread Garage, LLC is a micro-bakery committed to hand crafted SOURDOUGH breads, and French style pastries.

We're hitting the PAUSE button I’ve been putting off this post for at least two weeks. It’s not an easy one to write. Tracee and I have made the decision to hit the PAUSE button on The Bread Garage. We have been feeling overwhelmed for weeks, so it’s time to take a step back, refocus, and prioritize. The PAUSE button is not the same as the STOP button! We are NOT stopping The Bread Garage. We are taking a break. I don’t know when we will return, but we will return. It’s hard to express the amount of gratitude we have for all of you. We have been so blessed by your business, encouragement, constant praise, and general support. We love the River City Farmers Market and being a part of that community. I will post an update video with additional details today or tomorrow. As for now, thank you for everything you’ve done for The Bread Garage as well as our family. We shall return…….

Best regards,

Chris, Tracee, Emma & Benjamin Pfeiffer

Craft Matters

I know how this man felt. He was proud of the work he did. He didn’t mind the heat from the forge or the 14 hours days. He went home each evening with the satisfaction of a job done well.  He had the brawny hands of a blacksmith but the heart of artist. He was a craftsman. He was my great grandfather, Adam Pfeiffer. It was 1890. American exceptionalism was the on the rise, and the craftsman ruled America. The Bread Garage represents the optimistic spirit of America and celebrates the enduring legacy of the craftsman.

Meet the Bakers

I'm Chris Pfeiffer and I'm on a mission to provide great bread and good business. I’ve never had a bad day baking bread. That’s not to say I haven’t made bad bread – I’ve baked plenty poor quality loaves. But I always enjoy the process: the cool morning air in the bakery, the sweet smell of the overnight levain, the feel of the perfectly mixed dough, and the crackle of the fire. When I’m in the bakery my senses are fully alive, and I am truly at peace. For me, bread brings atonement that only comes from creating something by the work of human hands.

The Bread Garage team includes my beautiful wife Tracee (the pastry queen), my son Benjamin (the apprentice), and my daughter Emma.